Starbucks Quietly Discontinued a Popular Menu Item

Starbucks has removed a tasty and healthful alternative, which may surprise health-conscious customers. 

We're talking about fresh yellow bananas, not Berry Trio Parfait or Rolled & Steel-Cut Oatmeal.

You used to find the fruit near the pastry case or cash checkout and buy one of these potassium-rich goodies for $1 or $1.50

Due to Starbucks' silence, you may not have noticed that this item is no longer available. Starbucks no longer sells bananas, which is bad news for banana lovers.

Starbucks confirmed to The Takeout that it discontinued frozen and fresh bananas in May 2022. The same representative said Starbucks 

removed bananas "after evaluating the menu." The corporation undoubtedly determined that the fruit wasn't popular. Two years ago, a 

Starbucks employee on Reddit said, "We get 24, sell 1 or 2, throw out the rest when they get gross, and then repeat."

Starbucks may have discontinued bananas before 2022. Reddit user said they hadn't seen a banana at Starbucks in years.

Another worker said, "I stopped ordering bananas a long time ago due to poor sales and fruit fly issues."

Some Starbucks customers were upset when they learned the news, even if most didn't notice. "Nooo I always loved the green tea frap plus banana

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