Surprising Things Boomers Did That Millennials Actually Appreciate

Unplugged Quality Time

Boomers, known for a time before smartphones and constant connectivity, often provided millennials with unplugged quality time.

Hands-On DIY Skills

Boomers, having grown up in a time when DIY skills were essential, passed down hands-on knowledge to millennials.

Thrifty Financial Habits

Boomers' frugal habits and emphasis on saving money have influenced millennials to adopt responsible financial behaviors.

Commitment to Long-Term Careers

Boomers often stayed with a single employer for the majority of their careers, showcasing dedication and commitment.

Strong Emphasis on Family Values

Boomers placed a significant emphasis on family values, creating a sense of stability and support for millennials.

Love for Classic Music and Films

Boomers introduced millennials to the timeless classics of music and film.

Encouragement of Outdoor Activities

Boomers, who grew up with outdoor play and exploration, encouraged millennials to spend time in nature.

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