Taco Bell's New Menu Item Is Nothing Like A Taco

Chicken nugget fans, listen. You may usually obtain chicken nuggets at Burger King or McDonald's, but a new rival has joined the market. 

A Taco Bell spokesperson claimed, “This is like truly a very premium nugget,” during a media event earlier this month at the chain's headquarters. It's not a fast-food chicken nugget patty. This is significantly higher.” 

Taco Bell now offers Crispy Chicken Nuggets. The chicken nuggets are made with white meat marinated in a jalapeño-buttermilk combination.

The nuggets come with two new dipping sauces: Bell Sauce (hot with tomatoes, red chiles, garlic, and onions) and Jalapeño Honey Mustard (sweet and tangy with a jalapeño taste).

Nugget prices vary by area. A five-piece nugget box with one sauce costs $3.99–$4.99, while a 10-piece box with two sauces costs $6–$8.99.

Taco Bell has tried nuggets before. The company introduced nacho cheese-topped triangular Naked Chicken Chips in 2017. The chain introduced Chile Crisp Chicken Strips in August. 

Something else may interest you if you don't think Taco Bell needs chicken nuggets. After a successful spring test in Ohio, Taco Bell debuted the Steak and Bacon Grilled Cheese Burrito nationally. 

The burrito has grilled steak, potatoes, a three-cheese mix, nacho cheese sauce, chipotle sauce, and sour cream in a warm flour tortilla. Where's the bacon? Grilled on top with extra three-cheese mix. 

You must move quickly to get the burrito, which is available nationally for a short period. 

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