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The 5 Most Appealing Nail Polish Colors

"It's the perfect combination of classic, cute, and sexy—and it's a safe bet without being too safe."

1. Bubblegum Pink

A medium pink hue is romantic without being too sexual, and it is ideal for conveying the message: "I care about my appearance, and I'm cute and fun, but I'm also looking for something more serious."

Numerous studies have found that when women wear red, it subconsciously increases a man's attraction to her.

2. Red

Burgundy is a close second to red. This plays on the lively and sensual red energy, but it also symbolizes depth.

3. Burgundy

Wearing burgundy on your nails is a terrific approach to show that you're more than meets the eye. It's a hue that evokes intrigue and mystery, and it's ideal for introverts or individuals who take their time opening out to others.

A natural pink, nude, or mauve hue that makes the nails look well-manicured but not extravagant works well for ladies who choose a more minimalist beauty approach or like to appear more girly than sensual.

4. Nude

These nails are rather simple to maintain. You may apply a coat of clear lacquer over a beautifully filed and clean nail, or you could go to the salon every two weeks for new color.

Want something subtle but noticeable? For your next date, go with a pristine white. This hue is ideal if you want to stand out and aren't scared to draw attention to yourself.

5. White

White stands out on everyone's skin tone and will make you stand out, but it's still classic and natural enough to make you seem cool rather than wild. 

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