The 7 Best Trending Hairstyles For Gray Hair

A classic bob

Display natural gray hairs with a classic bob. Show off your gray hair. This low-maintenance haircut suits many face types.

A slicked-back ponytail

If you have length, pull your hair back: Slick your hair back into a low knot or bun for a professional look. This style works for formal and informal situations.

A messy pixie cut

A stylish pixie cut makes gray hair fashionable and easy to style. Fine hair will get fullness and volume from this style, but textured hair will get movement and dimension.

A layered bob

Ask your hairdresser whether a layered haircut might suit your hair texture more than a blunt bob. Gray hair can benefit from this classic haircut's volume and flow.

Shoulder length with soft layers

The hair around our faces weakens and breaks with age. This traditional design blends and softens the face.

A shag

What unites Billie Eilish, Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid, Kristen Bell, Cara Delevingne, and Halle Berry? The '60s and '70s shag was their latest hairdo. It's back and great for silver hair. 

Long and wavy

If you search "gray hairstyle" on TikTok, many videos will come up, but long wavy salt and pepper hair prevails. Women can seem younger with a salt and pepper hairdo.

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