These Foods Have More Calcium Than Milk

You probably know this soft Italian cheese. Famously used on pizzas! A cup of mozzarella has 1.7 grams of calcium—130% of the DV.

Mozzarella Cheese

Firm tofu has more calcium than milk. It can have 130% of the DV, five times the calcium per cup.


These little, calcium-rich seeds give approximately 120% of the DV for calcium with 1.5 grams per cup.

Chia Seeds

Yes, OJ has tons of calcium. Calcium-fortified orange juice is a legal way to boost dietary nutrition

Calcium Enriched Orange Juice

Canned sardines are recognized for their protein and omega-3 fatty acids, but they also contain calcium.

Sardines, Canned

Calcium is easy to get from canned salmon. One cup provides over 50% of the calcium DV.

Salmon Canned

Ricotta, like mozzarella, is calcium-rich. Each cup of this cheese has 509.2 mg of the mineral.

Cheese Ricotta

A cup of kale contains 622 mg of calcium, or 48% of the DV. Two cups of turnip greens provide 394 milligrams of calcium.

Leafy Greens