Things Millennials Go Crazy For But Boomers Think Are A Waste Of Time

Social Media Influencers

Millennials often follow and engage with social media influencers, valuing their opinions and content.


he fascination with and investment in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin might be perceived as risky or speculative by Boomers.

Streaming Services

Millennials tend to prefer streaming services for entertainment, while Boomers may be more accustomed to traditional cable TV.

Gig Economy

Millennials are more likely to participate in the gig economy, embracing freelance work and side hustles.

Avocado Toast and Food Trends

Millennials are often associated with food trends like avocado toast and a focus on artisanal, organic, or locally sourced products.

Online Dating

The prevalence of online dating apps and the shift away from traditional methods of meeting partners may seem unconventional.

Selfies and Filters

Millennials are known for their penchant for taking selfies and using filters on social media.

Remote Work

 Millennials often appreciate the flexibility of remote work, while Boomers may prefer the structure of a traditional office setting and see remote work as less productive.

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