Top 10 Youthful Hairstyles For Aging Skin

1. Shoulder Length Cut

Shoulder-length haircuts are also great for making you seem younger by giving the illusion of longer, thicker hair.

2. Soft Bangs

Bangs make you look younger. Soft, wispy bangs make your face look younger, but don't trim them too short to bring emphasis to your small wrinkles.

3. Face Framing Highlights

You seem younger with bright, warm accents around your face. Highlights give hair and you a young shine by adding dimension, movement, and depth! Consider that lighter hair will also hide gray hairs.

4. Long, Textured Layers

Short hair layers appear old-fashioned. The spherical form of short layers doesn't suit most ladies. Longer layers can volumize thinning hair. More realistic than short layers, they provide texture.

5. A Bob

Shorter cuts like bobs quickly make you seem younger by reducing length and weight. The stylish jawline cut frames your face and is fun.

6. Opt for a Pixie Cut

Want one shorter than a bob? Pixie cuts are trendy and low-maintenance, making you seem younger. Pixie cuts are fun and adaptable, highlighting your ears, cheekbones, and eyes. 

7. Soft, Voluminous Waves

Beachy waves are fun for kids, but they can dry and frizz older women's hair. Choose soft, voluminous waves to disperse your hair's natural gloss. 

8. Asymmetrical Crop

Asymmetrical crops that sit just below your chin and are beveled on one side shift the eye vertically to stretch and thin and remove years from your face. 

9. Feathery Layers

Add texture and depth to a pixie cut with airy, piecey layers. It will also modernize the haircut, making it less dated. Feathery layers lift hair, drawing attention away from small wrinkles and sagging skin.

10. The Right Blond

Avoid ashy blonds with frosty blue tints. This highlights skin discoloration and lines. Choose honey blond with a golden base. This gives your skin a lovely, warm cast that blurs wrinkles and shines!

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