Top 12 Trendy Short Haircuts For Women Over 50

1. Dark Brown Bouncy Bob

A dark brown bob like this one is best suited to mature ladies and mothers who like low-maintenance styles.

2. Hot Orange Bouncy Bob

A fiery orange bouncy bob like this one is for girls who like to seem fashionable and aggressive.

3. Light Blonde Bouncy Bob

This light platinum blonde is ideal for women who can maintain their blonde hue.

4. Platinum Bouncy Bob

This golden wispy appearance is for parents who appreciate elegance. It is bouncy and worn with a little of volume in the lower section.

5. Natural Brown Bouncy Bob

Natural bouncy bob and delicate volume cut can make you seem 10 years younger!

6. Simple Ash Blonde Bob

This blonde moment is for those who desire something formal and simple.

7. A-line Ash Blonde Bob

Most adult ladies will adore this A-line blonde bob since it makes them look young.

8. Wavy Ash Blonde Bob

This wavy ash blonde hairstyle is ideal for women seeking a formal hairstyle.

9. Straight Short Ash Blonde Bob

A short, straight ashy blonde that will appear fashionable and elegant on most women in their sixties.

10. Sleek Ash Blonde Bob

This sleek and ashy cut is ideal for women who require a professional appearance and something chilly but trendy!

11. Brown Angled Undercut

This brown angled cut is ideal for women who want to appear attractive but still want something low-key and low-maintenance. When it comes to this style, you won't even need to dye your hair. 

12. Stylish Angled Undercut

This bob is blonde and cut at this angle for ladies who prefer business and sophisticated looks, making it ideal for the office! 

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