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Ways to Love Your Dog Your Dog Can Understand

Have you ever scratched behind your dog's ears and found them leaning into your palm, slowly drifting into a doggie trance? Because ear rubs literally get your dog high.

1. Ear rubs love your dog.

The nerve endings in a dog's ears send impulses throughout the body, causing endorphins to be released. These hormones are natural "drugs" that work as painkillers and are also released when dogs experience love.

Some experts recommend that you feed your dog by hand, especially if he is a puppy.

2. Hand-feed your dog.

This not only demonstrates to your dog that you are a food provider and lowers food aggression, but it is also a personal experience that fosters a strong link between you and your dog.

Dogs were investigated in an MRI scanner and found to be the happiest when they heard not just a praising tone, but also words of praise.

3. Just say you love them.

This implies that they not only listen to our tone of voice, but also interpret meaning from words.

Positive reinforcement is a fantastic method to express your feelings, and training your dog will provide you with that opportunity. It will also strengthen your bond.

4. Teach your pet

 It will allow you to present your dog with their preferred types of motivation, such as food, praise, or play, and your dog will grow to perceive you as a provider of the things they enjoy the most.

Did you know that many dogs dislike being cuddled? And they despise it when you approach them directly. Others are not looking forward to meeting your friends or strangers.

5. Understand your dog's language

If you know what to look for, dogs can express a lot through their body language. You may minimize their stress and make them feel at ease by studying how dogs communicate.

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