Wendy's Is Launching an Exciting New Cinnabon

That's right! A new Cinnabon Pull-Apart breakfast treat is available from the burger company. Warm Danish dough

is glazed and baked with cinnamon, brown butter, and sugar. To enhance the flavors, Cinnabon's cream cheese frosting adds a hint of citrus.

Wendy's breakfast menu includes sandwiches, French toast sticks, seasoned potatoes, and oatmeal bars.

After customers requested more comfort food on its morning menu, the restaurant created the Cinnamon Pull-Apart.

"We're tapping into what our consumers want, based on our research," Wendy's global culinary innovation VP John Li said Tuesday during an

online media preview. "They want warmth and nostalgia, and a sweet and rich cuisine is appropriate for that. We teamed with the perfect brand that values quality

Wendy's isn't the first or last chain to collaborate with Cinnabon on a unique dessert. Since 2013, Taco Bell has sold icing-stuffed Cinnabon Delights.

In 2018, Pizza Hut added Cinnabon Mini Rolls to its permanent menu. With their Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecake, Cheesecake Factory has joined the Cinnabon

Wendy's customers can try the many other new breakfast options that have debuted in recent months.

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