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Which Barbie You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, craves victory. Gold Medal Barbie embodies the zeal and excitement of fire signs for life's challenges.

Aries: Gold Medal Barbie

Taureans appreciate luxury. They are more formal than other signs and expect the best dress. Barbie, the fashion designer, is a Taurus.

Taurus: Fashion Designer Barbie

Chatty and endearing Geminis thrive in social situations. They enjoy passing on their knowledge. Barbie, the TV news reporter, is the best example.

Gemini: TV News Reporter Barbie

Cancers are inherently caretakers. They deliver loving embraces. As a result, Baby Doctor Barbie represents these water signs.

Cancer: Baby Doctor Barbie

Because Leos want continual attention, Musician Barbie is great. Barbie is wild and interesting, whereas Leo is theatrical.

Leo: Musician Barbie

A Virgo president, on the other hand, would not be surprising. They are represented by President Barbie because they are intelligent, diplomatic, and respectful to authority.

Virgo: President Barbie

Barbie balances and harmonizes A-list celebrities' homes to make them seem great every time. Libra values elegance and happiness, therefore this doll is ideal for her.

Libra: Interior Designer Barbie

Scorpio, like Barbie, is drawn to emotion and mystery. You'll want them around once you've gotten beyond their ferocity.

Scorpio: Marine Biologist Barbie

Sagittarius is best represented by Safari Fashion Barbie. They are courageous, daring, and full of life.

Sagittarius: Safari Fashion Barbie

Barbie and Capricorn should be friends. Capricorns aim for success. Barbie's career is that of an entrepreneur who inspires others.

Capricorn: Career Barbie

Astronaut Barbie is an inspiration for stargazing. Aquarius frequently tests friends and coworkers.

Aquarius: Astronaut Barbie

Pisces fantasizes about new worlds and mythical creatures. Their imagination is always active, and they enjoy floating through life without thinking about what is going on.

Pisces: Mermaid Barbie

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