World's Fanciest McDonald's Operates From a Mansion & Serves Lobster Rolls

Freeport, Maine, has a Mickey D's like other US towns. Its Victorian house setting distinguishes it from other McDonald's. Lobster rolls are widespread in New England but rare at McDonald's. 

The New York Post says that lobster rolls are only accessible in summer. The enormous atmosphere makes McDonald's a distinctive experience even without lobster sandwiches.

In 2016, McDonald's blogged about the location as "one of the most unique and impressive McDonald's restaurants in the United States."

The restaurant sits in the Gore House, a classical Victorian home built in the 1850s by wealthy local businessman William Gore, in Freeport, Maine. McDonald's bought the property in January 1984 and was eager to renovate while preserving its history and neighborhood relations "The post said.

The business refurbished the home with mahogany furnishings, wall-to-wall carpeting, and Maine artist paintings. The exterior had just two "minor renovations" to make it more robust.

The firm claimed the facility has been renovated many times since 1984, including adding a drive-thru in 2000, but it remains "one of the most notable landmarks in Freeport." The unique style and environment attract consumers.

"This McDonald's surpassed my expectations. This McDonald's doesn't appear like your typical one, so we nearly missed it while driving here. This McDonald's, located in an 1850s mansion, felt like I was eating breakfast with Paul Revere "One Yelp reviewer wrote earlier this year.

This McDonald's is arguably one of the most luxurious, however the US has numerous more unusual locations. A ground-floor restaurant inside the chain's worldwide headquarters in Chicago serves a changing international cuisine. 

The world's biggest McDonald's in Orlando, Fla., has a huge playhouse, arcade games, dessert bar, and unique pizza and omelet meals.